Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Ad Formats On WebPages

37 sites will have the new advertising format. It is very important that advertising stays up to date and innovative, so the companies can profit off the ever changing internet. I found this very interesting.

These features will include:
The Fixed Panel (336 wide x 700 tall), which remains in view as a user scrolls up or down the page.
• The XXL Box (468 x 648), the extra wide side-of-page ad that expands to 936 x 648 and includes page-turn and video capability.
• The Pushdown (970 x 418), which opens big to display the ad and then after seven seconds rolls up to the top of the page (collapsing to 970 x 66).
An initial group of 24 OPA members including The Times, Forbes and ESPN committed to begin making the new standards available to advertisers by July. More than a dozen other Web publishers have since joined the effort, with the 37 participating sites reaching a combined 132.2 million visitors, according to the OPA.

Check out more info on the new advertising format.

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