Thursday, June 18, 2009

How can we profit from web hits?


This article is very interesting as it talks about the success of a show, created by the Whedon brothers, exclusively on the web. The article also addresses how advertisers have jumped on the opportunity to advertise on the newest frontier; the internet. I have learned from this article that viewers will watch quality shows via any media. Broadcasting quality shows exclusively over the internet for free keeps the viewers happy and can potentially bring many viewers to a website. Companies want to capitalize on this by running advertisements to promote their brand.

The web show Dr. Horrible was a great success that companies were not able to profit on until the show was uploaded onto This brought in large profit for the Whedon brothers and for whatever advertiser ran ads on

Was this particular success story unique?....... Could this happen again with other upcoming web shows? …….Absolutely! I believe that as long as there is quality material that attracts a large audience, companies could use it to advertise…


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