Thursday, July 23, 2009

Some Social Media Research

A study, recently released by WorkPlace Media, outlines some of the hurdles facing major brands as they attempt to harness the worlds of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to create an impact with consumers.The study, which polled office Internet users, found that 55% maintained at least one social networking account. However, of those respondents, only 43% reported accessing their social networking accounts at work, and even for those with access, 78% reported spending less than 30 minutes per day on their site(s).

Here is some extensive research on Social media. The article suggests that Social media may not be as important to marketing as people think. The overall impact of a brand's presence on social networking sites was shown to be minimal in terms of impact and perception. Since social media may be new to digital marketing it is hard to say what works and what doesn`t work. This data is hard to take as fact without knowing how the data was retrieved. The power of social media needs more time to manifest in the advertising world.

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