Friday, July 24, 2009

Nielsen: Only 1.3% Of U.S. Homes Digitally Unready

TV viewing levels did decline right after the digital switch on June 12, but have since returned to previous levels, according The Nielsen Company.

According to TV research company blog postings, the decline in viewing was largely temporary; in recent weeks, it has seen audiences returning, as more homes have added converters.

Nielsen credited significant public awareness campaigns that ended with only 2.2% of television households unready for digital television when the June 12 transition hit.

That's not to say there aren't problems. Nielsen notes that as of June 28, 60% of completely unready homes -- about 1.7 million -- are able to view some television by watching a low-power station, a foreign station near the Canadian or Mexican borders or a U.S. broadcast station that is available to them via a "translator."

According to Nielsen, that means television viewing in these homes has not disappeared completely, although viewing choices are extremely limited.

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