Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Facebook Now For An Older Bunch

Strategy Labs have released very valuable information about the demographics of Facebook.

Facebooks bread and butter have been teens and young adults since its birth in 2004. But it appears as a new older batch of users are drastically outnumbering the younger users. I am not sure how Strategy Lab retrieved this information or what their methods of data retrieval is, but I find this new information on demographics questionable.
I am guessing that facebook estimates the users age by the submitted date during registration. But the new "blocking" trend in facebook (just putting the birthday and not the year) could leave large numbers of high school and college students in the unknown group of 55,000,000+.
I have 940 friends on facebook, mostly high school and college. Mostly all of them hide their birth year. Out of my nearly 1000 friends a dozen or so are in the "older" age group. How does Stredegy Lab take that into account?
Under the people you may know application that suggests freinds to me, I am rarely reffered to older people in or around my network.

Does this speak on the actual demographic or does it reflect facebooks unintential ability to segregate the different age groups?

Or am i just not freinds with many older people?

I just found it interesting how accurate the data was for Stradegy Media.

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