Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Interesting Sites.

I was introduced to some sites this morning that were very interesting.

Wetpaint: is a site that lets you create a community site for any topic. Its a way for everyone to operate a site and build a community that shares a similar interest. I found the wetpaint page a Television community site. This community site is a TVfan index of what shows are most popular with Wetpaint users. I am unsure about the validity of the Tvfan index page but the website does offer a service rarely seen.


This site is a search engine that does live search of topics within the internet and most especially social networking sites.


CrowdEye succeeds in giving greater context to results, digesting meaning through graphs,categorizing search terms and highlighting links, as well as displaying recent topical tweets.


Searches through Twitter for tweets any user suggested topics. Crowdeye and collecta provide similar service for twitter.

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