Friday, June 12, 2009

Clean Shoes, Clean Shirt.

Off the Q train at 42nd Street for orientation for my position working as an intern for MTV Networks Digital Marketing!! The orientation room is full of smiling student-interns all hoping to make the best impression possible. I pleased to see everyone in such good spirits and anxious to get started, I know I was. Orientation was extremely welcoming and accommodating. At orientation I did not expect the extensive amount of "welcome aboard paperwork". Sign here, date here kind of stuff. Orientation lasted about 5 hours. After orientation was over and I have introduced myself to other interns and staff, I felt it was time to meet the big guy.

Wait …

Let me back up and introduce myself, I am Shariff. 20 years old from Flatbush Brooklyn NY. I go to Lafayette College and I major in Government Law/ Philosophy. I like long walks on the beach, puppies, etc, etc.

Back to business. Even though orientation was over I was anxious to meet my supervisor Don Steele. So I hoped in the shuttle to the west side to meet and introduce myself. Let me tell you a little about Don,

Don Steele is the vice president of digital marketing for the MTVN Entertainment Group. He is executive vice president of digital media at MTVNEG. Don is responsible for setting the strategy and implementing all digital marketing initiatives for the Web sites and digital brands of COMEDY CENTRAL, Spike TV and TV Land cable channels. Prior to COMEDY CENTRAL, Don managed all e-commerce business at Food Network. He also worked in digital for after working in the catalog industry at Mitchell & Ness. He was instrumental in the marketing and launch of and He works closely with the mobile group, driving development of WAP sites and iPhone applications.
He is much respected in the world of digital marketing. Don Frequently speaks at events such as OMMA, DPAC, DigiDay, SES New York and Chicago, eTail and Social Times

Don graduated from Washington College in Maryland and lives in the Bronx with his wife and two children.

Don is very successful in his pursuits of digital marketing. Off the bat while talking to him, he told me about the “ownership of your career”, so Don is immersed in the world of digital marketing and also in the world of MTVN digital marketing. There’s a difference. Don is able to effortlessly choose what is good for the brand and how to effectively market for that brand.......

So back to the 8th floor, where my department resides. Don introduced himself to me with a humble handshake. We then began discussing what I will do for this summer and what I hope to learn from this great interning experience.

I want you, the reader, to both be entertained and informed as to what I do here as an intern for digital marketing at MTV network. It’s an amazing opportunity for me, once in a lifetime opportunity, and I will use this web log exactly as such. I will be logging what I have done, what I have learned, how I feel, experience I have felt, and most importantly the progression I have made. Thank you for reading….


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